April 2021 – What have our homes been up to?

Check out what the people we support got up to in April.

Our homes celebrated Easter and St. George’s Day

Claire from Ty Nyddfa Lodge made an amazing Easter cheesecake!

The people we support at 22A Carden Avenue enjoyed a number of Easter activities, such as making these themed decorations!

At Ty Nyddfa Lodge and Ty Nyddfa House, the people we support made hot cross buns, enjoyed an Easter BBQ and an Easter egg hunt, and there was even time for an Easter bonnet competition!

At Meesons Lodge, the people we support enjoyed lots of fun activities like making Easter cupcakes, painting card eggs, enjoying sensory scrunching of foils and textures, making an Easter poster, and of course eating lots of chocolate too!

Our team at Woodlands hosted a massive Easter egg hunt and even had their own ‘Woodlands Whippy’ ice cream van! Everyone enjoyed various activities, including an Easter buffet and a trip to the Woodlands Tavern.

Check out this lovely Easter hamper that the people we support at Cedars gave local GP surgery staff as a thank you for their hard work during the pandemic! They baked cookies, made a hamper of tasty treats, and wrote a thank you card which they then hand delivered.

Some of the people we support at Birmingham Road enjoyed getting creative for St. George’s Day!

St. George’s Day celebrations at Meesons Lodge involved lots of sensory fun with shaving foam, food colouring, paint, and noisy rattles and flags. All with a red and white theme of course!

There were some special milestones

Molene from Meesons Lodge celebrated his 35th birthday! He enjoyed a party with his favourite African food, a lovely cake from his family, and a ukulele gift.

Take a look at this themed tree at Ruby House, which is used to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. The tree was decorated with a Chelsea FC theme for Mathew’s birthday and a Ghostbusters theme for Jenny’s birthday!

Sue from Cottrell Road enjoyed her birthday with a pamper night and a Chinese with Mandy. Great choice!

Ian from 51 Rutland Gardens celebrated his 73rd birthday! Ian is the oldest known person in the UK with Williams Syndrome. On his special day, our team planned for a member of the Williams Syndrome Foundation to surprise Ian with balloons, presents and cake!

Some of the people we support at 57 Bury Road decided to throw a house party to acknowledge a year of Covid-19/lockdown. They even dressed up to represent key events that happened throughout the year!

Not to mention, all of this happened…

Eastbourne Round kept very busy throughout April. After months of waiting, Alex finally got into the barbers! Amanda, Mary, Guy and Alex loved getting out in the sun, mowing the lawn and planting vegetables. The people we support also enjoyed aromatherapy sessions, baking, and visiting all the wonderful places East Sussex has to offer like The Sussex Downs. Not to mention, Viv finally went back to college!


Starbrook set themselves the challenge of walking one million steps to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance and smashed their target by walking 1,347,035 steps! They also raised an incredible £1855, beating their target of £250. Well done everyone!

James from Douglas House wanted to do something to mark his grandmother’s life after she passed. He decided to make this incredible chocolate cake in her memory!

Ty Nyddfa House got creative with their recycling by turning empty coffee jars into new vases for around the house!

Claire, Naomi, Jess, Victoria and Phil from Ty Nyddfa House and Ty Nyddfa Lodge made these charming anxiety boxes! Each wooden chest was filled with motivational messages, distracting colouring activities, wish jars, fidgets, and anything else that the people we support wanted in their box to help them.


Some of the people we support at Rugby Avenue had a great time expressing their creativity through art and created some amazing artwork!