Achieve together services’ Christmas Countdown!

This week, I am looking at how some of our services have prepared for Christmas.

How are Achieve together services preparing for Christmas?


As Christmas draws closer, this week I’m bringing you a look at how some of our services have got into the festive spirit. It is a lovely way to bring everyone together in a fun and creative way.


People we support baking at alderton house

Alderton House


People we support at aldertone house care home baking for christmas


Christmas is on its way, and the people who live at Alderton House are busy preparing for the upcoming festivities.  Lights and decorations are being hung and everyone is decorating the house to make it look spectacular!Getting creative at alderton house care service


Staff have been helping the people we support to bake delicious mince pies and shortbread cookies, which they’ll be taking back to their families when they go home over Christmas.

Alderton House has a freshly refurbished kitchen, which means more people have opportunities to enjoy cooking and baking. A brand new kitchen was been installed with adjustments and adaptations to peoples’ specific needs. For example, Fraser is able to enjoy baking again, due to the lower worktop that was installed and the kitchen is now more wheel-chair friendly.


People are being supported to plan their Christmas activities, such as shopping and more baking and have marked these dates on advent calendars which they’ve made themselves.


The Alderton Christmas party is always a big, fun event, and everyone is looking forward to sharing party games and food with their families and staff!



Holmesdale hold a family Christmas meal each year which was held this weekend. Staff cook a traditional Christmas meal and then the people we support, their families and staff all come together and eat it. They sit and chat together, pull Christmas crackers and listen to Christmas music, as well as play games after the meal. They even get a visit from Santa!


Christmas cakes at the alderton care home party

Manor Barn


Cake making is big at Manor Barn, where Ian makes all staff members a cake every year. He makes it from scratch, then ices it and decorates it, with a different theme each year. This year, he decided to go for a traditional theme of red and green, complete with snow men, holly leaves and Christmas puddings. He then gives it to staff as a Christmas present.


Sensory activites for people we support at alderton care home

Meesons Lodge

In preparation for Christmas, staff at Meesons Lodge created a ‘tactile Christmas book’ to help the people we support to understand the festive season is upon us. The book features lots of different sensory items, such as cinnamon sticks, tinsel, fairy lights, glitter and even musical instruments and helps to illustrate what Christmas and the festive period are, as well as how the people we support can get involved. I think it is a lovely way to help the people we support get into the Christmas spirit.


I have been really impressed with the ways in which our services have managed to incorporate the festive spirit in such creative and fun ways!


Please note: all names and pictures have been authorised to be published

Achieve together encourages sensory activities with the people we support Christmas themed sensory activities with the people we support sense stimulation at alderton home