Achieve together Olympics

Check out the Achieve together Olympics at home below.


This year at the Achieve together Olympics the people we support played different games together. Check out the winners below:

Hug a Balloon Race – Ciara and Sophie from Pineleigh

Bean Bag Golf  – Linda from 101 Cheam Road

Three-Legged Race – Claire & Rachel from 101 Cheam Road

Sack Race – Terry from Llwyngwian Fawr

Welly Throwing – Eddie from Pineleigh

Egg & Spoon Race – Terry from Llwyngwian Fawr

Congratulations to all the winners!

The people we support had a blast in their own at-home Olympics. Check out Reddown in action below.


Pineleigh also had lots of fun and gave each other prizes at their mini Olympics.

Mini Olympics at home Olympics at Pineleigh Social Care Service Achieve together athletics at home Sports during lockdown achieve together olympics at home

Achieve together olympics at home participating in sports during lockdown Achieve together olympics at Pineleigh social care service

101 Cheam Road also took advantage of the good weather and played a ring toss with cones and hula hoops.

Achieve together olympics at Cheam Road ring toss at achieve together olympics